Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tadika Auza Sports Day 2010

Sukaneka,Tadika Auza Taman Sri Keramat 2010.
Held at the Dewan Setiawangsa.

I'm giving credit to this one..Applause to All teachers. It was well organized & the program was not draggy. "The Eye of the tiger " was one of the song whr Rizq would come home from School and start to Youtube so dat he could rehearsed ( SO Cute )..How he asked me what was the title of the melody he was humming.. so dat he could search on youtube.Rizq is somewhr in the middle lane with the blue pompom while Arra is in the left circle with the yellow pompom.

Rizq - Rumah Kuning & Arra - Rumah Biru .

The champ was Rumah Biru- Meanwhile the other 3 houses had equal points, so they had to send a rep and go for penalty ...ceh/// So apalagi ...Rizq took the lead and victory to Rumah Kuning ! ...Jadi Hero la jap Rizq tu ....

I'm glad the kids had

a good time ...even Adik Ziqr ( yg sakit perut masa tu ) & Baby Rayd pun enjoyed... Ada Mingo mingo... tu yg Ziqr ..sakit purut pun hilang sekejap...

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